Rainy day accident brought out the good in Manitoulin

To the Expositor:

Rain, rain, go away. These were words we were saying in the early after noon on Saturday, August 13 when we were taking our 8-year-old great-grandson to his home in Manitowaning.

There is an old saying, ‘raining cats and dogs.’ We were sure other animals were in the rain. We have driven in rain before, but not like this. We had stopped at least six times on the roadside as we could not see. We came to the road that had no straight line—heavy rain. We got too close to the right…you know the rest.

A car came along and the lady said they were going to Wikwemikong. She stood in the rain and wrote down what she needed to help us. We neglected to get her name. You know who you are and thank you so much for all your help. You were an angel.

A short time later another angel came along. She too stood in the rain while talking to us. She too went out of her way to help us. Thanks Constable Coultis for your kindness. Thanks to the tow truck driver and Hunter’s mother Ashley Taylor for their help. And we must thank our precious Hunter for being such a good boy during it all.

Toots McDermid
Providence Bay