Treatment of senior by OPP has granddaughter fuming

To the Expositor:

Growing up I was always taught to respect my elders and to do unto others as you would have done to you. Living in a small community everybody knows everybody and it’s not uncommon to stop on the street to have a conversation with a senior. Maybe it was just my upbringing but on Thursday, July 7 I witnessed one of the worst displays of disrespect to a senior citizen I have ever seen or heard.

Most would think this disrespect came from a pre-teen or a teenager, but sadly it came from a female OPP officer.

This disrespect was directed to my Grandmother. She has been accused of “allegedly” bumping another car on the main street of Gore Bay (two eye witnesses say she did not). The first officer on the scene took my Grandma to the cruiser to question her. Later on, the officer previously mentioned asked my Grandma to come with her across the street. Once there the officer told my Grandma in a loud voice, which I could hear across the road, not to lie to her and not to give her attitude. The officer also questioned my Grandma’s eyesight and her competency. The OPP officer told my Grandma in a lower tone of voice that the witnesses could no way have a clear view of what happened.

All this took place around 4:30 pm when the streets and stores are busiest. There were people of all ages watching and listening to this public display of disrespect. Needless to say my Grandmother way very upset and embarrassed as she had many family members and friends around.

Grandma has since send a letter of complaint to the Staff Sergeant advising him of this behaviour by one of his officers.

I have been taught to respect people regardless of their age. I also believe that if you give respect, you will receive respect. If this police officer will treat a senior citizen this way, how will she treat a teenager?

Rebecca Bailey
Gore Bay