Tehkummah Talk & Times

I’ve been singing “Waltzing Matilda” since I got home. Met Susan, the administrator for the Gore Bay Nursing Home. She introduced us to Matilda, a life size doll (who dances with a partner!) Little did I know some special music and entertainment would be provided along with tea and goodies when we, Corrine, Nora and I, went to visit Mamie Anne today in Gore Bay. We had our lunch at the Rocky Raccoon before going to visit (steps and stairs). We certainly got a lot in the way of show times. Movie scenes, C&W, Buble, etc. etc. What a beautiful voice—“Jacques” entertains the residents and guests! We all got a daisy too!

On our way home via the Anglican Church in Kagawong. Lots of history and chocolate factory a brief stop!! Just long enough!

Cribbage, seven and a half tables on Wednesday: Three high hands of 24, Laura, Ruth (M) and Janet (K); tied with first, Betty Jen and Bill and Dorothy and Ken. 939; tied for second, Lori and Rick and Graham and Sheila, 933; low, Edgar and Rita, 842; door, Dorothy (C), Bill (C) and Bert. Good to have Jim and Jessie back with us again.

I intended to mention last week we had a real old timer with us, or in the parking lot at least. Brad Parkinson drove his 1940(?) green truck. Is it ever unique. Can’t remember the make, year!

Sympathy to the Gordon family in the loss of Randolph.

Bid Euchre scores: Dave James, 255; Barb Forth, 247; Linda B, 227; low, Hugh, 89; 50/50 Annette Conroy.

Rob Harkes just popped through my door bearing gifts. He did say I asked him for them, but with old age and all? Anyway, blue berry tomatoes. I’ve popped a couple in my mouth already (healthy for me?) Peppers and cucumbers from the family market garden. So that’s nice and he doesn’t leave without telling me a Trump joke. Kim and Kathy were in around noon, they got here yesterday (and Toolin their dog). All ready for Country Fest, I just got my “kit” ready for tonight and the weekend.

Lori picked me up this morning and we had our breakfast at the Garden Shed, a nice visit, can’t believe it’s so close to their last day. Already, and not just of the season. Fini! Cry!

I have been singing an “Evening in Rome.” Still all the great show tunes from Jacques.

Well, I’m a whole Country Fest weekend behind in my writing and yes, Country Fest fireworks were there, too, as that is what I called the design on my fingernails and then Lee Brice’s show was a firework explosion on its own! Sherry and I wore sunglasses. Not much country left in Country Fest and an awful lot of older folk support it too. Maybe I’m too darn old, but I’m not deaf, but I could be. I would like to hear the words of the songs. I hate to be critical of such a great venue, but surely there’s volume control somewhere. I heard a lot of the songs today, Sunday, on the car radio and actually recognized the country line up guests. I wonder how the lady fared who just had open heart surgery a week ago? But, there was some fabulous stuff. Day number one, was number one! And you’ve got to go a long way to beat Caroll Baker. She as always entertains, “That Voice.” I loved the River Town Saints, Leaving Thomas and George Canyon. Some of the entertainers entertain and I know they can sing Dani. The food vendors, the free fruit and giveaways. The social atmosphere, the supporting causes, the greeting friends, the family togetherness. I knew someone from Tehkummah was going to win the guitar. I was sure it would be me. Congrats, Steve. I have to thank Sherry and Dave, I always get my ticket for Christmas. They see to my transportation to and from. Carry my chair. Let me stay on their couch three nights in a row. I did get kisses though, when the dog wanted out in the morning. Most nights it was 1:00 am by the time we got home. Tara stayed in Little Current with friends Bobbi and Patrick, these are the VIP class. Some great musical talent over at that tent. Kim and Kathy stayed at the camp with friends, Shawn and Connie. After their Country Fest weekend, left on the midday ferry for home. K & K here for the rest of the week.

I just ate a jelly bean, my first ripe one and they are good! I watched from the bar tent my family challenge each other for prizes from Palm Bay and Blue Light and I thank Bonnie and her team!

Hey, whoever lost all the insulation bits and chunks between Tehkummah and Slash Line should go for a walk with some bends in it and gather it up. You have to know you lost it. Sherry and Connie were picking up other folks’ garbage after the show Saturday night. Take responsibility for your own.

Chatted with Joan this afternoon. I saved her a trip by watering her plants. Got to water twice or thrice a day, these dry times.

Sunday morning, I left the Cases at seven. Saw a shining penny, new, deer in the little field at Matthews. Air out your “long johns” as a huge gathering of geese in Michael Brown’s field (hundreds) could be an early warning system. Sure, my write-ups have no form or finesse, but it’s as things cross my mind. You know me, anyway, right? Thanks this week for all special favours, letters.

After church Pauline, Wayne, Susan, Simon and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for lunch.

This summer a follow up on contentment (last week). Being happy with what you have.

Thank you for KT, Craig and the crew and the volunteers!