Tehkummah Talk & Times

Just got a call asking me to go to Prov for euchre Tuesday night. It was tempting, but I would go up partner-less. I am wrapping some touch and take items for our Saturday tea and bazaar. I no sooner hung up than I got a surprise phone call from Nova Scotia. Mary O’Neil had got my card/note and phoned an answer. Busy painting and have been in their home now about a week and a half. She sounded her usual happy self and is meeting folks in her neighbourhood! It was so warm today, I sat out on my bench and had my lunch. It was wonderful.

Fred Armstrong is having some health issues and has been in Sudbury hospital. Thinking of you.

Wednesday morning: went to the library coffee get together. It’s always so interesting, lightly celebrating our Hallowe’en. From there, I went to the hall to set up for cribbage. We were pleased to have some new players today. Six and a half tables: high today, Lori G., 18; first place, Mary J. and Hugh, 944; second, Lori and Rick, 937; third, Brad and Dorothy, 927; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 856. Beat Noreen and Roger by one point. Actually a lot aiming today for the chocolate bar! Door prize, Sheila, Hugh and Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Clyde). Pat Norton brought in an extra prize won by Roger. Pat and her Mum a bit witty.

Last week’s first was Ted and Dorothy A., 927; second, Graham and Sheila, 925; Cal and I, 914.

What a fun Hallowe’en party. Lori Gordon in charge of games, where adults and kids competed. We could win “Batty Bucks” and afterwards a very lively auction by competitors of all ages. Lots of wonderful things to bid on. Costume prize winners, Brinley, Jose, Samantha, Ethan, Mary, Yogi, actually everyone was a winner! Thanks. Loads of fun. Loved the bucket “toss” game. I wasn’t such a good catcher or tosser. I had four youngsters at my door this year. I guess the other party caught kids earlier.

Friday morning an industrious crew met at the Tehkummah Hall to decorate for the Christmas season and it does look beautiful too, all ready for the tea. Robert, as always, the high guy, did a super job. Lorna, his able assistant, ornament putter together; Betty, swag and lighting; Pauline, Lynda, Norma and Pat N., Christmas; Rick and Wayne, the tree is lovely. Everyone did table arranging and cup and saucer set up.

Bid euchre, four tables: first, Dorothy C, 193; second, Sheila, 174; third, Patrysha, 173; low, Simon; door prize, Sheila.

November 8 regular euchre.

The Armistice Day service at the Hall on November 11, conducted by Martin Garniss, starts with a regular time church service at 11:30 am. Followed by luncheon, potluck style. Everyone welcome, please join us.

St. Andrew’s by the Sea invites everyone down to their church at 5 pm for a bell ringing to celebrate with other United Churches across Canada to commemorate the 100 years, 100 rings? 100 people maybe? To remember. Oh yes this is Sunday, November 11.

Did you watch One Strange Rock? My golly. I haven’t looked for Mars yet. Some shows are really interesting. So, I hear it is radiation that triggers aberrations in our bodies, mutant, eek! But let’s go back in time to when a lot of this stuff was all starting to change. What a good story, Disney’s ‘The Good Dinosaur.’

This afternoon the two Rita’s came to pick up the winning food basket or already won. Church at St. Andrew’s this morning. Martin played his guitar today for our hymns; was so nice and finished with “The Wings of a Dove.” We, Martin, Lynda, Mary and I, stopped for lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s. Today I thought Christmas cards? Notes.

Pauline had family around this weekend Steven, Christine, Anita and Alicia.

Wasn’t it great to see Audrie Williamson out to the tea with her family. Audrie will be 102 on the 15th.

Once again, we wish to thank all the folk who help make our annual Christmas Tea, Bake Sale, Bazaar and all those draws. Forever grateful for those who contribute prizes each and every year. Those who try to win, those who do win and all our hard-working members and helpful volunteers. We love you one and all. Winners today for the door prizes: Lois Wismer, Audrey Case, Christine Merrick, Pat Kay, Justeen Anstice, Donna Kay McDonald, Sherry Bieronski, Lynn Pickard, Joan Van Every, Marion Case, Sandra McKay, Martin Garniss; free draw, Christine Merrick; regular draws, Sherry Case, wine gift Santa; BJ Kavanagh, snow globe; Margaret McCarthy, dishes; Nora Tuck, gnome; Noreen Leeson, Santa light up; Larry Bieronski, men’s basket; Alicia Jameus, Santa tea lights; Liam Sagle, kids books; Vivian Young, Scentsy; Lois Wismer, centre piece; Lynn Pickard, bears; Skylar Reckahn, memory box; Barb Bond, flameless candles; Sheila Sage, two bears; Nora Trick, Santa trio; B.J. Kavanagh, Christmas basket; Susan McCauley, ribbon; Eila Hughson, JD’s candle displace; Yves, Christmas basket; Mildred Kelly, CDs (Christmas); Sherry Case, Christmas mug. Special draws: Janice Phillips, Christmas surprise box; Rita Bond, grocery box. Congratulations to all our winners, a lot of the draws headed to one special table. Some of our faithful long-distance supporters too from the West End. With gratitude our Tehkummah Fairview Sr. U.C.W.