Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 78: Monday. I was going to write one more page last week but somehow in my klunkiness I upset a full cup of coffee all over everything and, so. It felt like a gallon to mop up and wipe off.

I sat out back this morning in the sun. I had made fresh hummingbird feed and they were probably grateful for a warm drink. Five degrees this morning, darned chilly earlier. I heard frost in some areas? 

Sherry cleaned my under roof at back, I didn’t get it tidied last year at all. So, I am so glad to have had the help (don’t laugh, I rested on my chair the whole time she worked with my eyes closed at that). Sherry is a busy girl, but it is the busy folk who get things done, isn’t it?

Sharon just brought my grocery order from Ward’s Store and startled me awake. It’s 2 pm, time to make me some lunch.

Cal scared me this morning too when I was sitting outside reading a book that had come in the mail. I had delivered my news over to fax out and forgot all about going into greet the “big ships” first sailing of the season. Dash it! Talked to sis Susan later in the eve. I must have been the only one who forgot. She said lots of folks she hadn’t seen for ages. Opening the door or the gate.

I slept and slept my afternoon away. Sherry had called with news, maybe? I had just wakened when grandson Kirby called and we must have chatted for a half an hour. That was the blessing of the day. I had my supper (a mooseburger) about nine.

Day 79: Watching A.G.T., had a tired day but got my meatloaf made and a few peanut butter cookies. I see the chill, or frost, or wind got Tara’s beans that were up. A little early maybe. Called Judy in the morning when I saw her on TV, a star?

The elderberry in bloom looks like white lilac. 

I heard that Lyle Gordon hurt his leg. What’s with the farmers this spring? Not a good plan. Get well soon.

Day 80: Cottage cheese on toast for breakfast and the usual handful of pills chaser. I was crunching when Sherry phoned and allowed me to listen to one of Ramona Jaggard’s anthems from Sunday’s sermon (I think), what a voice that girl has.

There was sun, overcast now, and I feel kind of on the verge of a migraine. I’m having a peanut butter cookie for dessert, should help?

Day 81: Spent the morning trying to get an ant villa out of one of my big flower pots, they are not easy to discourage. I finally dumped the earth into two other pots. They just were going to make new homes, now I have coffee grounds on top of one. I got rid of them at the Hall (the half barrels) that way, we will see? They bite when they are angry too.

The angels were with Sherry and Dave yesterday. When she got home to no hydro to find that their neighbour Joey Case had spotted smoke over by their barn and came to investigate. The transformer on the hydro pole had blown and had ignited the dry grass and fence rails. Thanks, Joey for your alertness and work to get it out. She had taken me to see the doctor, but it wasn’t so critical. Derek phoned when I was having a choking/coughing something in the morning. So he called Sherry and she called Tara and…? 

Gorgeous flower crab apple trees.

Yesterday it was TAVI on the horizon/ today it had changed so I have a major decision, and soon. But, I am feeling better today!

The gardens are growing. The butterflies are flirting above the lilacs (a little white fella). The first by dragonfly today.

We, Tara and I, had to smoke the mosquito chasers, no holders, so we stuck pieces in flower pots. The black flies and skeeters have been terrible the past few days.

I called Joan last evening, she was okay, but was doing tricks again. She said folks did a drive by last Sunday, twice around the block, balloons, horns and signs to celebrate Bordie’s birthday, I think 91. I got her niece Linda Waugh’s phone number (our second cousin) and gave her a call last evening as well. The distancing changes so much!

Did you know if you drop a quart of half and half, cap off, it can fly high, I got it in my eye, in the fridge door, on the cupboard door, in the knife drawer and on the floor? Should have written a poem, right? Anyway, I swore! I didn’t lose much.

Today I go outside and don’t stay long. The blackflies are chasing me.

I just saw the first monarch butterfly of 2020.

Sympathy to the Merrylees family.

Another great feed of fresh fish, thanks to my neighbours.

Day 81: A phone call from Helen Oswald and a call from Derek in British Columbia this morning.

Day 82: A fritillary flirted around me as I sat outside in the morning sun.

I’m looking around the enclosure and it is getting smaller and shadier every year. We used to be able to see Anstice farm, now it’s only in the winter. It’s 9 pm before the sun gets high enough to peek over the trees.

Lorna brings in two basil plants this morning. When I planted one pot out, I got three nice plants, so I gave Tara the other. I counted five in her pot. I love this herb. Tara was mowing the edges. I came to the end of one project, but I have to hurry. If one is outside, the flies make you hurry.

On my trip around for the mail, I stopped for a couple of minutes to talk to Dorothy. The bugs were so bad, I felt guilty.

Driving back into the yard, I admired, it looked so neat and tidy. As I’m writing this, the sky to the east is really black. I planted nine hills of potatoes, still three to plant. I quit before I planted myself! We really need some rain to help things along.

Day 83: I just erased 20 messages from my answering machine. Most of them from my kids. A couple of important ones maybe?

These days before the bugs I was doing a lot of sitting outside. Sherry woke me this morning, so I sat on the bench, the sun was hot. It is great to have my space again. But, oh my, we do need rain! The garden is dry, ours anyway. I did hear there were raindrops in spots?

Day 94: It’s 4:30 am and I just read last week’s Expositor. So, wiping a tear reading Fred’s obit. The story about the ferries, what an amazing journey their life has been and what a lot of challenges. Petra Wall’s Now and Then is unique and interesting. Everyone has a story. Delights on Bonnie Kogos, my friends in Midhurst the Jacques and Wayne Burkholder in Ramara, have the same story, they were four Expositors behind as well, so it’s not just the Big Apple that has bites out of it.

Happy birthday, sister Susan, June 12. A soak in the tub to take the aches out, a lazy day to follow that.

Lorna brought Martin’s sermon in. A lovely long chat with Nancy Arnold Hayes in Toronto filling me in. She watched her dad’s funeral on camera? She was saying because of the limitations. It was so nice to touch base. Sounds like she has some health issues.

Cal said when he called that he and Eugene went in to check out the ferry.

I got a phone call yesterday, I hope it turned out all right!

One evening this past week, Susan came in bearing a tray, rhubarb custard pie (it put me to sleep) and banana cake. They were both delicious. As much as I talk about food, I have to remind myself to eat for I rarely feel hungry. Do you think it is because I have no one to share a meal with? Or talk to? Or?