Who wants to belong to a board with a bad attitude?

To the Expositor:

Gloria Taliotis certainly identified the issues of being a member of the Manitoulin Community Living board (‘Manitoulin Living board critics invited to sign up, August 10, Page 4). Ministry compliance is a given. Yes, it is a volunteer job from the heart (right heart) and does take time.

At the same time, she must ask the question, who would want to sit on this board with the attitude and belligerent behavior of a person(s) on the board? Absolutely excellent people have left this board due to this behavior.

Staff and client confidentiality must be kept, but not used as a means to obliterate transparency in the use of taxpayer’s money.

Personally, I would be willing to match my time spent on local boards, service clubs, fundraising events, etc. with the writers any time. Even if I win the match, I still may consider joining the Community Living Board in the future.

Best regards,
Norm Morrell