A retired veteran expresses concerns over the direction of society

Writer takes mainstream media to task

To the Expositor:

Whatever happened to truth and integrity in journalism and the media? Maybe I am dating myself when I say that once upon a time a story could not be printed without credible sources, fact checking and news editors. If it was not fact, nor fact checked, then it was deemed to go into the National Enquirer or some other tabloid and you pretty much knew it was bunk.

Now in the present, we are dealing with a weaponized national media. It doesn’t matter if it is Global, CTV or CBC, you can count on it acting as the fifth wing of government and spinning a government narrative for all the masses to gobble up like it was honey. Thankfully mainstream media will steadily decline until they will no longer have a voice, because they have not championed truth. Sadly, CNN has less viewers than Joe Rogan who has a podcast via the internet.

We in the west, however, have been sliding steadily backwards toward a totalitarian style regime that is looking to dumb down society, as long as viewers can watch Dancing with the Stars, America has Talent or a host of other mind-numbing television programs to take your mind off of the truth.

So where does the average Islander get reliable news media? The elderly and the person who may not have computer access nor even a smart phone has to rely on the garbage being fed to them by the big three. Mostly every newspaper in the country is owned by the same corporation, so can you trust them? No, it is up to us as citizens to inform people of the news—those of us who examine every part of a story, not just the government narrative. There are many sources of alternative media, podcasts and blog posts out there that give all sides.

I proudly served my nation for 24 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, and have served overseas on two tours. I have had awards, citations and decorations for accomplishments that I have achieved. I do not say this lightly because the media has called veterans, “alleged veterans,” demonizing the most patriotic of us because they do not fit their narrative. Men and women who have put their lives on the line to secure the very freedoms that are being taken away from us.

I say the previous to tell of one of the jobs I had, which I enjoyed as a regimental duty sergeant, was to compile weekly intelligence reports to give a pulse on the current geo-political landscape in order for our commanders to predict the type of training, budget allocations etc. that our unit needed to consider for long-term planning. I tried to have reports prepared that gave leadership something that was predictive, so they did not need to be reactive. How? By looking at all the different mainstream media outlets as well as alternative sources to get the broader scope of what was going on. The truth, more often than not, lay somewhere in the middle.

My wife, who was an RN for 29 years, has had to leave her job because she refused to be treated as a human test trial on an unproven experiment that has resulted in what history will deem as the greatest genocide in human history. I, on the other hand, have been pensioned off in the military after being medically discharged for injuries suffered while serving this country to maintain our freedoms.

Now many countries are discarding COVID mandates which has proven to have only detrimental effects on the population, yet mainstream media ignores anything that goes against the Canadian government’s narrative. The CDC comes out with new science debunking old science yet our doctors ignore this. Our doctors’ own College of Physicians and Surgeons penalize and threaten doctors who want to treat COVID instead of being vaccinated against it. In my opinion, every doctor who has been complicit in this mass crime against humanity should be tried the same as Fauci and other eugenicists.

Doctors, what ever happened to the Hippocratic oath? What happened to “do no harm?” Or informed consent? How could you in good faith tell someone they needed a gene therapy that was unproved, yes gene therapy, not a vaccine for a disease that is 99.8 percent survivable? Were coercion, bribes and threats enough to betray the thousands of your patients who you have given these death shots to?

I give credit to the brave doctors, nurses, epidemiologists and virologists who have come forward, but again the media demonizes these brave men and women, some even threatened with their lives. Maybe there will need to be an internal audit of your own colleges to see who made money off of this. Whenever you want to discover truth, all you need to do is follow the money.

Even the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario sent a letter to all the nurses threatening them. Doris Grinspun, the CEO, called any nurse who didn’t comply a white supremist, among other things. I know because I have read the letter.

Many police and military, doctors, nurses, firefighters and EMS personnel and blue-collar workers, especially the truckers, are being awakened and are standing with the Charter of Rights, and God, and this nation as a whole will judge the rest that do not. Again, I salute these brave men and women who have said, enough is enough. These are people who know that truth, you hear truth in orders groups, detachment memos, intelligence reports but are sworn to secrecy.

Do these oaths to protect the continuance of government trump your sworn duty to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of our great country?

I guess after saying all of that, journalists, real truth-seeking men and women, must not sacrifice truth for a paycheque and by any means necessary get the real news, the real truth out there. Newspapers must endeavor to go against the government narrative and print truth. It is not the job of the media, whether print or the airwaves, to tell us what to think. It is their job to present the truth so we can think for ourselves and formulate informed opinions. I did not put a uniform on for over two decades to live in a socialist, fascist or communist country. I put it on to protect our fragile democracy against the very thing that is going on right now.

For the love of God, do the right thing. Print truth, speak truth and stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.


Scott Hartley
Meldrum Bay

EDITORS NOTE: The Expositor takes exception to the claim that all media simply echoes the government line, this week’s editorial being a simple case in point. Media’s job is to provide the public with the information they need to make decisions for themselves. There has been a distressing drift into interpretation of those facts with an editorial slant. A consumer of news media who only follows the landing pages of publications may fall into the trap of seeing columnists’ articles and mistaking those for “news.” They are not, columnists provide opinion pieces. The Expositor makes every attempt to keep its editorial opinion on the editorial page, where this newspaper expresses its own interpretation of the issues of the day. We make every effort to identify “columns” and op-ed pieces as such. This paper also disagrees with the writer’s stance on COVID mandates, which have proven to be invaluable in ensuring our health system, strained though it was, did not become overwhelmed during the pandemic. That has been reflected on this page editorially and so have others’ contrary views on the matter.