Ottawa protests should be a wake-up call for the government

To the Expositor:

The protest in Ottawa should be a wakeup call for the government as there are a lot of people out there who are just fed up with the government, especially when it comes to the poor, because whenever the government is offering help there are always strings attached. Often they make it so difficult to apply for assistance or some people need internet service to apply, but not everybody has internet service to apply for the help they need.
People are falling through the cracks because I know how the government thinks: they are hoping that people who really needs the help will just give up applying for the help they need. If they make it so difficult or strings attached to it because the government just wants to keep the poor down instead of really helping them.
It’s just all talk. It probably makes them very happy to keep the poor down while the government staff are living in luxury, not having to worry about their next meal.
Even though this protest was very controversial, it just shows what people are capable of doing when anger gets the best of them. I certainly hope a MP will see this article and I do believe the Liberals will lose the next federal election because of this. With all this technology today, it’s really helping people to get very well organized (social media).

Ronald Osawabine