A Throne Speech follow-through has never been more important


The beleaguered Liberal government has struggled with some of the strangest scandals to ever arise in a parliamentary democracy, doubtless leaving much of the globe struggling under truly onerous regimes scratching their heads. 

But the question that has actually bedeviled the Liberals under Justin Trudeau is one centred on integrity and concerns about hypocrisy. If a prime minister stands before the country and promises to “do politics different,” following the same old political paradigm of sweet words followed by bitter actions cannot and should not be born.

It is a common refrain to hear the words “the devil is in the details” when any government makes grand-sounding pronouncements. Far too often, fine-sounding sentiments fall victim to pragmatic cynicism should the squeaking wheels of the issues of the day subside sufficiently to oily words to ensure they will not rise up again during an election.

Just because these are not the times or the place for an early election does not mean the governing party should get a bye on meeting its obligations to the opposition that has, albeit reluctantly, put their faith in the government’s promised actions.

The Canadian public has long grown tired of the same old, same old and failing to recognize that change in the public mood will come back with vicious fangs bared to bite any politician with the temerity to try and foist those games upon the nation yet again. It really is time to do politics different.

The Liberal government and especially our current prime minister need to demonstrate that they can keep their commitments to the Canadian people. Sunny ways must shine a light on a nation that looks after its people and lights the way to a pandemic recovery that will include all sectors of our nation.

First Nations must no longer languish without access to clean drinking water, people of colour and different cultures, those with different lifestyle orientations must no longer be penalized when standing before or dealing with the institutions of our great nation. Those for whom circumstances beyond their control have put them at a disadvantage need a more level playing field in order to succeed in our society. 

To put it more brashly, the pot is no longer there simply for the sitting.

All of our governments need to deal more openly with the people and must be seen to put substance into political assurances that have traditionally been woven out of the same material as Hans Christian Anderson’s emperor’s famous clothes.

Times change, and so do governments, and if the governing Liberals fail to substantively live up to their commitments to the people and deal honestly with the electorate during this, the greatest crisis to be faced by our nation in our lifetimes, they do so at their peril. The clock is ticking and the fuse leading to an early election call is wrought from the lines of the next federal budget—it’s time to keep the devil out of the details.