Codmother’s moves to new location

GORE BAY—When the opportunity presented itself to the owners of Codmother’s Restaurant in Gore Bay to expand their business, Judith and Wayne Martin jumped all over the chance.

“This is a new venture for us, we are both excited for it and happy to be able to provide this for the residents of Gore Bay and area,” stated Judith Martin last Friday as work continued inside the former B and J’s Restaurant, which will open as the new and improved Codmother’s location this Saturday, December 1.

“We were a small business that needed to grow,” Mr. Martin told the Recorder. “I’ve always wanted to have a full-fledged restaurant. A friend of mine and I always dreamed about doing this; life happens and she opened up a restaurant and I worked for her. But the dream of running my own full-fledged restaurant never faded.”

“We saw the opportunity to grow from a takeout restaurant to a full-fledged restaurant in a new home in Gore Bay,” said Ms. Martin. “Right now we are giving the restaurant (formerly B and J’s) a facelift. I’m lucky to have so much help and my family involved,” said Ms. Martin.

Mr. Martin, who will be continuing to operate his business The Stoneman Complete Masonry and Chimney Needs, said, “This (restaurant) is a new venture for us. We’re excited about it and happy to provide this for the residents of Gore Bay and area. And we are looking forward to the summer when we will be opening the deck to provide entertainment as well.”

The Martins said they are looking to open the restaurant seven days a week. “I’m hoping the restaurant will be open seven days a week depending on the needs of the community. We are looking to have a full breakfast, lunch and supper,” she said, noting plans are being made to open the restaurant from 7 am to the kitchen closing at 7:30 pm with the restaurant closing at 8 pm. “We will be adjusting the hours accordingly in the summer,” she said.

As for the restaurant’s menu, “we will have all the old favourites from our former location to the new location, and lots of new items as well,” said Ms. Martin.

Codmother’s will be licenced and if anyone has any last minute plans for office or Christmas parties, “we would be happy to host them here,” said the Martins. And gift certificates will be available to purchase from Codmother’s for Christmas gifts and stockings.

“We are both excited about this new adventure and looking forward to it,” stated Ms. Martin.

“We wish the residents of Gore Bay and area a very Merry Christmas and hope to see everyone at our new location,” added Ms. Martin