Gratitude expressed for Expositor student columnists efforts

The five Ps of sustainable eating now grace reader’s fridge door

To the Expositor:

I am writing to thank Daphne Carr and Anika Smith for the thoughtful and informative ideas shared in “A Manitoulin Eco-Hero!”.

The five Ps of sustainable eating (from ‘Eating Sustainably,’ February 16, 2022) are now posted on my fridge as a constant reminder of how I can reduce my carbon footprint through food-related choices: planning, preserving, planting, packageless and provincial. (They are hanging right next to the Buyerarchy of Needs: 1. Use what you have, 2. Borrow, 3. Swap, 4. Thrift, 5. Make, 6. Buy.)

Last week, you suggested some practical ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn to heat our homes, because “The act of heating homes, workplaces and buildings significantly contributes to CO2 emissions” (‘Learning as a Community,’ March 2, 2022). From considering more efficient sources of heat such as heat pumps or solar heating, to turning down the thermostat at night or when I am not at home, to just putting on a sweater or using an extra blanket— these are all things I can do.

As an adult, I am also thinking about how much fossil fuel I use to move things around—things that I want (items transported from faraway places, things shipped to my door by courier) and even myself (in my car or other personal motorized vehicles, or on commercial planes, ships, etc.). The less I move around with the help of fossil fuels, the smaller my carbon footprint. It is going to be hard to break old habits, especially when they are fun and convenient, but I know it’s part of what we need to do if we want to save our planet from even worse climate disasters than we have seen already.

I would be interested in reading your thoughts on carbon sinks that we could nurture and/or develop, if that is a topic appropriate for the Eco-Hero column.

I wholeheartedly agree: “Talking about these topics, whether it’s to an elder or a child, can help people make more eco-conscious decisions” (‘Learning as a Community,’ March 2, 2022). Please keep the conversation going! I am listening and learning from you!

Michele Litster
Gore Bay