House for rent scam on Kijiji

PARRY SOUND – On April 16, 2015 a person posted an ad on Kijiji looking to rent a home in the Parry Sound area. Shortly thereafter they received an email from the suspect advising that he was the owner of a house in Parry Sound and was looking to rent it out. He provided a picture and an address of this house. The victim wired a deposit and two months’ rent to a male supposedly in the United States of America (USA). Four days later the victim in this scam sensed that something was wrong and contacted the West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

If you discover that you have become a victim of a fraud or scam, contact the local police immediately to report the crime. If your credit cards or bank accounts are involved, notify them as soon as you can so they can assist you.

For more information about the many types of fraud and what to watch for, you can contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501 or on the web at

You can also check the helpful Crime Prevention Tip Sheets at .