Letter: A missive from one who questions vaccination mandates

Not all are members of so-called thoughtless anti-vaxxer mobs

To the Expositor:

This is a response to Eric Balkin’s letter, published September 22, in which he made reference to the “anti-vax mob” as being “thoughtless in general” and also Greg Young’s letter, published September 29, 2021. Both of them made disparaging remarks about the characters and intelligence of those who choose not to be vaccinated and who voice concerns that question the mainstream narrative. While everyone is frustrated about the current COVID situation, it most certainly will not end well if we all don’t provide space for other people’s perspectives in our hearts, minds and in our media. Most of us have been tempted, at times, to demonize those who do not represent our point of view and fear for safety can understandably lead to more extreme attitudes and behaviours.

It should be noted that “anti-vaxxers,” as mentioned in the letters, are actually pro-choice. They stand for every person’s individual and constitutionally protected rights to choose what they put in their own bodies and the bodies of their children. And yes, increasing numbers of healthcare workers are coming forward to support pro-choice and are paying dearly for their stance with job losses and public accusations. Contrary to what was indicated in the letters, those who support pro-choice are not irresponsible, uninformed, selfish, arrogant or uncaring. Far from it. Many of them take very good care of their family’s immune systems at their own considerable expense, by choosing a healthy diet, exercise, vitamins, herbs and preventative protocols that do not include experimental substances injected into one’s body in order to reduce symptoms of COVID-19 (with no claims made by the drug companies to reduce transmission). These so- called “thoughtless people” are proactively supporting their own God-given immune systems. Their goal is also to prevent illness and stop the spread of any communicable disease, for the well-being of everyone.

Many who chose to get the COVID-19 shot are pro-choice as well and they respect each individual’s right to choose what is best for their own body and the bodies of their children. They understand the importance of freedom and the slippery slope we are sliding down at a dangerous pace, which has resulted in mandated tyranny, financial hardship, a teetering economy, supply shortages, and unacceptable discriminatory behaviour towards those who cannot comply or those who feel morally and ethically conflicted about most of the COVID interventions.

Unfortunately, these apparently thoughtless people have sacrificed their own sense of comfort and personal well-being, to step away from mass conformity and do what they feel is right, for their bodies and the cause of freedom, which our forefathers sacrificed their lives to preserve. Here’s hoping we can all support each other with kindness and the respect that each individual deserves, regardless of their private, personal and carefully considered decisions about their own health care. The fact that our personal freedoms are now being overridden by unlawful and unconstitutional coercion, should be just cause for all of us to work together for the future of our children so that they enjoy the freedoms that we once did.


Fay Becks


EDITOR’S NOTE: The letters referenced above were penned in response to protests taking place outside vaccination clinics and hospitals.