Letter: Going into lockdown should be the same for everyone

Big box stores should not be able to stay open when mom and pop stores are forced to close

To the Expositor:

I was watching the news and heard some complaints about going into another lock-down and how it’s affecting small business especially when it comes to hair salons and barber shops, but the big box stores remain open. When we go into lock down it would mean to everybody even the big box stores would have to shut down no curb side pick-ups either and Amazon would also have to shut down too and send its employees home if they do not like it well then, they can take their damn business to another country. Besides these big corporations are nothing but scums anyway because they are always ruining things for everybody when their switching to automation. A lot of people are losing their jobs also. I heard the government is thinking about making virtual learning permanent and it is making some people nervous, mainly the school boards and I can understand why. People will be losing their jobs. I have heard that some students or kids are struggling trying to learn online because the teacher is missing, nobody there in person to teach them one on one and it’s because these damn machines just cannot do the job like a human would. This so-called technology is nothing but garbage to me because I never praise it either and the only one I praise is the creator or God. I think we will keep having these lock downs for the rest of the year and the government should start bailing out these hair salons and barber shops and better start doing it too.

Ronald Osawabine