Letter: Great news on the COVID-19 testing front from Canadian researchers

Sadly a dismal religious prediction is added in closing

To the Expositor:

In response to the news article on quantum dot microbeads for COVID-19 antigen testing and tracking of patients using a cell phone, as published in Engineering Dimensions Magazine, Sept/Oct. 2021, page 10.

I understand that the COVID-19 lateral flow antigen rapid test (10 to 30 minutes for results in your own home or anywhere else) are used today around the world. For example, Germany has tests available from 60 different manufacturers that are approved, while Health Canada has 35 different test kits currently under study, but none approved. Kitchener-Waterloo is giving out Stay Safe test kits, and Health Canada is offering similar test kits for employers with 200 plus employees.

FDA says the Innova Medical antigen assay kit is worthless, should not be used, and should be thrown out. Despite this, the UK spent two billion dollars to buy one billion of these test kits for detecting asymptomatic COVID, estimated to be up to 50 percent of the transmission cases. Some published research says later flow tests are as good as PCR tests in central labs, while other research says they only have a sensitivity of 34 percent, and therefore mis-diagnose two out of three COVID-19 patients.

Therefore, I congratulate these Ontario engineers and scientists at developing a new alternative COVID-19 test with 2.6 times better sensitivity than the current lateral flow assays. Well done!

Unfortunately, Satan will likely use this world-class Canadian technology to better persecute people under the 666 Mark of the Beast.

Glenn Black

Providence Bay