Letter: Our governments are becoming far too big

Politicians display a lack of honesty in their actions

To the Expositor:

The government is getting way too big, how everybody wants to get into the game. We had about six different parties that are running for leadership. We had our federal election and when the government gets too big, then more tax dollars are going into the government instead of going into where it is needed. All these politicians have to be paid and I think it’s tax dollars that this is used for. If these politicians had any guts they’d start going after the rich to make them start paying their share of the costs. This country would do a lot better if these rich people weren’t using off-shore accounts or tax havens, but the government is not doing anything too much about it. Why? It’s because some of these politicians are using off-shore accounts themselves or tax havens and if the government starts going after the rich then these politicians would get implicated, they are also evading paying taxes. I just learned this when I was listening to the news, but it was not surprising either. I know these politicians that there is just no honesty with them. Something for citizens to think about next time your going to the polls.

Ronald Osawabine