Little Current Lions producing centennial bridge medallion

MANITOULIN—Just in time for Christmas, the Little Current Lions Club commemorative medallion has arrived hot off the mint and is available for sale.

With preparations well underway for the 100th anniversary of the Manitoulin swing bridge this coming July, the Little Current Lions jumped at the opportunity to create a celebratory medallion, which not only marks the historic bridge’s centennial in 2013, but also the club’s 75th anniversary, or “charter anniversary” as it is known in Lionism.

“It came up at a bridge events committee meeting that perhaps the Lions should consider doing a special coin,” explained Lion Dave Walton, former chair of the coin committee.

While the creation of a coin was out of the question as the club has taken a hiatus on its famed Haweater coins, a medallion appealed to club members. The difference, one may wonder? The medallion has no listed value on it, while a coin has.

The one side of the coin, available in antique or gold, says along the top ‘Gateway to Manitoulin’ and along the bottom 1913-2013. On the medallion’s face is the swing bridge, the same depiction used in the 1998 Hawaeater coin, with the words ‘100 years of Service’ and ‘swing bridge.’ On the other side the words ‘Lions Club of Little Current’ line the top of the coin with ‘Manitoulin Island’ below. The shape of Manitoulin, the Lions logo and the words ‘75th Charter 1938-2013’ are centered.

Little Current Lions Club president Bruce Burnett said how pleased his club was to be a participant in the anniversary festivities and how proud he was of the club’s almost 75 years. While the club’s charter anniversary is actually in December of 2013, the party may be held with the rest of the July events, he said, adding that he hopes to see people from across Manitoulin there as the swing bridge is meaningful to all of the Island, not just Little Current.

The official launch of the medallion will be held on Thursday, November 13 as part of the Little Current Business Improvement Area’s Ladies’ Night event in Little Current at The Expositor office beginning at 6 pm. Antique medallions will be sold for $10 and gold medallions for $25. The Expositor is hosting the event and is providing seasonal refreshments. The Lions urge you to act fast, however, as there are limited numbers for this special creation. Medallions can also be purchased by phoning Lion Dave Walton at 705-368-1892.

Alicia McCutcheon