Money talks in the election cycle

No matter who gets into office it either gets worse or the same old, same old

To the Expositor:

Citizens will be heading for the polls again for our provincial election. They should keep in mind that their vote may not count too much because their donors are usually the rich; they always come first. How I see our government is that they’re a modern-day Robin Hood. They rob the poor then give to the rich. I was listening to the business news like I usually do and learned how the rich are buying housing units that would have been affordable housing for low-income people then they are turning them into commodities. That is why our affordable housing is disappearing and the government is not doing anything about how to try to prevent it from happening. So, the rich are just getting richer and the poor just getting poorer. Every time we are having an election, we have to listen to these fake promises they are making. And remember, Liberals did not do so good with their previous leadership either. And now the Conservatives are not doing so good either. I’m not trying to promote the NDP either, it’s just that no matter who people put into office it can just either get worse or just stay the same old way. The ordinary citizens are trying to help the homeless people and we never hear any politician campaigning on the homeless issue or the poor.

Ronald Osawabine