Sudbury Teen charged with Voyeurism

Charges Laid Against 18-year old Man After Distributing Intimate Images Without Consent 

On April 11, 2018, the Greater Sudbury Police Service received a call regarding the distribution of intimate images without consent.

An 18-year old, man from Greater Sudbury had previously recorded consensual sexual acts of himself with a young woman on April 8, 2018. A short time later, he sent the video to a group of friends via snap chat. One of the individuals in the snap chat group opened the video the next day while in the cafeteria of a local post-secondary school.

On April 20, the 18-year old, man (his name cannot be released at this time as the information has not yet been sworn to through the Court process) was charged with the following under the Criminal Code of Canada;

 Voyeurism (capturing images/footage without the person’s knowledge or consent)

 Distribution of Intimate Images Without Consent

He was released on a Promise to Appear and will appear in Court on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

Greater Sudbury Police Service Investigators spoke with the individuals in the group chat to educate them on the serious legal implications associated with the distribution of intimate images without consent. Sharing intimate images of another individual without their consent is a Criminal offence regardless of who took the original image/video. The Greater Sudbury Police Service takes these matters very seriously and will continue to investigate incidents involving the distribution of intimate images without consent.