Editorial: Providing a link to Islanders and events for 142 years

A group of World War I Canadian doughboys relaxing with the news from home is one of The Expositor’s favourite mementos of the past. Through the countless hostilities across the globe that have occured through this paper’s 142 years, we have provided a cherished link from home. Within the archives of this paper are similar photos from other conflicts, including one from a Bobby Eade who was serving with the US forces during Operation Desert Storm and posed with the most current copy of the paper he had received atop a sand dune in Kuwait. (The subscription 30 years ago was a gift from his Manitoulin grandma.)

This edition of The Expositor marks 142 years that the paper has been bringing news of local interest to the many communities we serve while also doing service as a window into the doings back home for countless expatriates spread out across the globe.

From the stout lads who volunteered to take up Queen Victoria’s shilling to chase down the depredations of the dreaded Fenian Raiders (a sword of one of those brave lads has been displayed in the Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah), to those who sailed for South Africa under the same monarch’s banner, through to those who served in the trenches of the “war to end all wars,” on the battlefields of the Second World War and in the bitter fighting of the Korean theatre—The Expositor has provided a link to the folks back home on the Island.

In the modern era the same can be said for those who took part in Desert Storm or patrolled the mountainous pathways of Afghanistan in defence of democracy.

For neigh onto a century-and-a-half this paper has chronicled Island comings and goings, events large and small, from graduations to appointments, awards, births and deaths that impact the lives of those living on Manitoulin as its paper of record. It is a role in which we revel and take immense, though humble, pride.

As reverberations caused by the digital revolution shake the very foundations of traditional media to their core, The Expositor has remained relevant, vibrant and alive thanks to our loyal cadre of readers, both here and away and the advertisers who seek to reach out to those who continue to value the contribution made by so-called “slow media.”

Like many newspaper organizations, we have made inroads into the world of digital news presentation, but at our core we remain loyal to a mandate of bringing to light the whole story. To our editorial staff, stringers and freelance contributors, the newspaper industry continues to be as much a vocation as a career. The Expositor takes pride in the work we do, but we cannot and could not continue to do so without you, our loyal readers, subscribers and advertisers.

So as we celebrate our 142 birthday, from all of us at The Expositor, thank you for allowing us to continue to appear in your homes, whether that appearance comes on traditional newsprint or in bits and bytes travelling along the digital highway. 

It is our honour to serve you.