Intoxication in Public

On May 7th, 2017 at 2:00 am, an officer with the Espanola Police Service was on routine patrol on Barber St., when he observed a female who appeared to be having significant difficulty with walking.  The officer observed her to be staggering from side to side and leaning forward as though she was losing her balance, picking up speed at one point and eventually hugging a tree to regain her balance.  The officer stopped to investigate, and upon speaking with the female it was determined that she was extremely intoxicated due to the consumption of alcohol.  Based on the officer’s observations, as well as the conversation with the female, the officer determined that her level of intoxication prevented her from being able to properly care for herself.  As such, the female was placed under arrest for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place, and was transported to the Espanola Police Service where she was lodged in the cells until sober. 

The 29 year old from Espanola received a $65.00 ticket under the Liquor Licence Act, for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place.