Sudbury Police need help identifying human remains found May 2015

On May 2, 2015, members of the Greater Sudbury Police Service recovered a body from Junction Creek in the area of McLeod Street at Regent Street.

Greater Sudbury Police Service is requesting the publics’ assistance in identifying the male or his clothing.

All of the tips previously received by the Sudbury Police have been followed up with and have been eliminated as possible matches.


  • Male
  • Aboriginal
  • 30-48- years old
  • Height; 5’5”
  • Weight; 157 lbs
  • Thin to medium build
  • Long, thick, straight, black hair
  • Black beard and moustache
  • Only four stained font teeth remaining in upper jaw
  • Old air gun pellet wound in chin where pellet is still embedded in the bone
  • No tattoos
  • Gall bladder and appendix removed
  • One-inch scar on right knee
  • Found wearing a unique dark hoody with images of wolves on chest, sleeves, and back