Focussed patrol addressing traffic concerns in Kagawong

KAGAWONG–The Manitoulin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has implemented a new program to see OPP officers involved with ‘focussed patrols.’ When complaints are received by the public on a traffic issue or concern, officers will now be engaged in community safety to address these concerns. This is done in various ways: by canvassing and speaking with the public in the community to discuss the concern; having the Community Services Officer Constable Allan Boyd educate the public through multi-media; develop a strategy to address the concern; having front-line officers provide enforcement action; and collect statistics of the plan and report back to the community.

On Highway 540, in Billings Township in the village of Kagawong near Bridal Vail Falls, complaints have come forward to the OPP that the motoring public are not slowing down in the 50 km/h zone while travelling down the hill. With the amount of pedestrians walking in the area and vehicles parked along the highway the potential of a very serious collision or tragedy could occur. The Manitoulin OPP will be implementing a focussed patrol at this location to address the concerns.

The OPP speed radar sign will be set up at strategic times to track the number of vehicles travelling through the area and average speeds. Once the data is collected officers with radar units will replace the sign and charges of speeding will be laid. This can result in large fines and demerits points depending on the speed of vehicles.