OPP warns of door to door sales people


(SUDBURY,ON) –OPP would like to warn residents to be careful when someone comes to your front door saying they are a salesperson and remind the public that a person cannot enter your home without your consent. When a salesperson comes to your door selling any product or service you need to be on your guard.

While some salespersons are honest, some are not and the chances are that whoever has contact with them could fall victim to a scam. The persons may be selling home improvements, merchandise or cleaning services: Be careful.

High pressure salespersons- male or female- are charming and friendly. They have inviting smiles. They are successful because they appear to be honest. These salespersons often want cash. If they say they’ll take a cheque, it will probably only be when banks are open so they can cash it right away, before you have a chance to change your mind or try to stop payment. The salespersons use convincing tactics such as mentioning their business is conducting work in your neighbourhood, but can’t give you the names of past customers.

For your own safety, don’t allow or invite anyone you don’t know into your home. It is acceptable to tell someone they cannot come in. Tell them you need to discuss this purchase with family, or you are not interested now. Don’t rush into making a decision to purchase. Don’t rely on verbal agreements. Ensure the agreement is in writing with all details and contact information. Tell the salesperson you will get back in touch with them after you have had a chance to read all material given to you.

Protecting yourself from fraud begins with learning to recognize it. Call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre at 1-888-495-8501 to report fraud and to learn more ways to protect yourself, your family and friends.

Finally, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, ask the salesperson to leave. If the person will not leave when asked to, call police at 1-888-310-1122 or 9-1-1.       

The OPP encourages everyone to do their utmost to avoid becoming a victim of crime.